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Helping our customers protect their customers

Transparent customers get SecurityMetrics at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

SecurityMetrics Assurance is a liability reduction program that provides tools for you to operate your business confidently without having to be as concerned about the effects of data compromise. SecurityMetrics Assurance helps you:

  • Avoid unforeseen compromise expenses relating to PCI, HIPAA, GLBA and other data protection standards with breach coverage.
  • Reduce liability by locating sensitive payment card data with PANscan, so it can be securely deleted
  • Understand secure business operations with one hour of professional security consulting
  • Implement secure card processing with a Data Protection Policy
  • Decrease frustration by providing a simple and inexpensive way to reduce liability

With SecurityMetrics Assurance, you get peace of mind

If you experience a data breach, the credit card association may order an investigation. Forensic investigations alone range between $12,000-$100,000. Fines and other fees from payment card brands and financial regulatory authorities may follow.

Although you’ll take steps to protect your business and customers from identity thieves by complying with security standards, those security standards can be complex and confusing. What if you accidentally overlook a security gap? SecurityMetrics Assurance provides up to $100,000 per Merchant Identification Number (MID) to avoid compromise expenses relating to: notification costs, forensic investigations, payment card brand replacement fees, payment card brand fines, regulatory fines/penalties or post event consultation to discuss notification and other requirements.

SecurityMetrics PANscan Software

Many businesses unknowingly store unencrypted primary account numbers (PAN) in their business networks. If you are compromised, storage of this data creates liability for you and your customers. PANscan is software that allows you to simply and efficiently discover unencrypted payment card data on networks, computers, and storage devices. SecurityMetrics PANscan helps reduce liability by pointing you to files where unencrypted PANs are stored, which makes them easy to delete and helps your business avoid unintended and expensive data compromises.

Data Protection Policy

Keeping up-to-date with the latest threats facing businesses may be difficult. SecurityMetrics Assurance provides a guide to help you form a policy to train employees on the dangers of irresponsible card processing.

Security Consulting

Since business network security may not be your specialty, SecurityMetrics Assurance includes one hour of free consulting to help you discover the best practices for secure business operations.

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